Member delivers great talk focusing on a changing city

Speaker Noel Stamp with Pocklington Probus Club chairman David Brown.
Speaker Noel Stamp with Pocklington Probus Club chairman David Brown.

After conduction a small amount of business, the Pocklington Probus Club chairman David Brown asked member Noel Stamp to give his talk entitled ‘Manchester then and now’.

Noel explained that the photographs he was showing were assembled after a request from a family member to compile a set of photographs of Manchester as part of decoration project.

He found the task so interesting that he completed a story around the trips he made walking round the city’s streets with his camera ready to hand.

The photographs he took were combined with archive material so that he presented to his audience a fascinating picture of the radical changes that had occurred within Manchester since its industrial heyday as a cotton-marketing metropolis.

He compared the decorative work of the Victorian builders on, for example, the City Hall with the modern skyscraper buildings devoid of any external decoration.

He showed how the Ship Canal had changed from an industrial cargo artery to a place of water sports and public amenity. He referred especially to the Free Trade Hall, and its modern replacement – the Bridgewater Hall – with its outstanding acoustics for orchestral concerts. He commented how the changes in structures had been accompanied by vast changes in social habits, amenities and transport both within and to-and-from the city.

Noel had his audience ready to ply him with questions at the conclusion, after which a vote of hanks was carried with some acclaim.