Market Weighton woman supports campaign to prevent sudden cardiac deaths

Tragic...Jodie Hanson died from sudden cardiac death in 2004
Tragic...Jodie Hanson died from sudden cardiac death in 2004

The sister of a woman who died from sudden cardiac death is helping to launch a campaign which seeks to prevent further deaths from the condition.

Kyla Hanson’s sister Jodie died in 2004 aged 20 from the condition, which is said to account for the deaths of 12 young people in the UK every week.

Kyla, from Market Weighton, got involved with the charity Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) after Jodie’s tragic death.

The family was previously invited to take part in CRY’s original regional postcard campaign in 2005. However, the initiative was re-launched in 2008 when the official figures leapt from eight to 12 deaths a week, with the campaign returning to the north of England almost 10 years later with the Hanson family once again playing a key role in raising awareness.

Kyla will travel to The Marriot Hotel in Leeds today (1 May) to meet with other families of victims of sudden cardiac death, and to help launch the campaign to get more MPs to join an all-party parliamentary group which seeks to fight the condition.

Full story in this Thursday’s Pocklington Post (1 May).