Market Weighton resident all steamed up over weekend events

Large steam engines on parade at event in Pickering.
Large steam engines on parade at event in Pickering.

A fall-out between the organisers of a popular traction engine rally left a Market Weighton man confused and angry.

Mark Underwood, 38, set off from his home on Westfield Crescent on Saturday and headed to what he thought was a new venue for the Pickering Traction Engine Rally near Harrogate, which was now aligned with the Yorkshire Steam Fair.

However, Mr Underwood and his family were unaware of a fall-out between former business partners Cedric Lawson and Simon Boak, leading to the pair setting up rival traction engine shows on the same weekend. Both parties set up websites proclaiming to be the organisers of the ‘official’ event with Mr Lawson staying at Pickering Showground while Mr Boak opted to hold the event at Allerton Park, Knaresborough.

Mr Boak’s website is the first available link when searching for the event on Google; it is described it as a “fresh venue with plenty of attractions for all the family at the original Pickering Traction Engine Rally”.

Mr Underwood said: “When the website is the first one that appears and claims to be the original event, you take that for granted as a visitor.

“I double checked at the gate in Knaresborough and paid £20 for a family ticket. We were disappointed after walking it in five minutes and then got told we were not allowed a refund.”

Mr Underwood said: “The website is completely misleading and it was a really frustrating day. I came across more people in the car park who had gone through the same experience including a couple who travelled 350 miles for the event and had booked a two-night stay at a hotel.”

Mr Underwood then travelled to Pickering where he paid an extra £30 which he claimed was “well worth it”.