Make every acre count for environment

ARABLE farmers across Yorkshire are being asked to help measure the scale of the voluntary environmental work carried out on farms over and above any work done as part of agri-environment schemes.

For years it has been recognised that farmers make a much more significant environmental contribution than is officially measured – leaving stubbles, growing game crops or buffering watercourses, for example – doing so as an everyday part of looking after their farms.

Nationally it has been estimated that unpaid management work carried out by farmers is worth more than £400m a year.

A key challenge for the Campaign for the Farmed Environment (CFE) is to demonstrate the true extent of the environmental work carried out that directly supports the Campaign’s targets.

To do so, a survey has been sent to 5,500 farmers and land managers across England with 10 or more hectares of arable land.

The survey comes with a guide explaining the types of voluntary management but, to help farmers complete it, drop-in sessions are being held across the region.

Operating between 10am and 3pm, they will be available at Selby livestock market on Wednesday 23 February; Thirsk livestock centre on Thursday 24 February; and at Malton livestock mart on Tuesday 1 March.

More information and guidance on the CFE can be found at