Major plans to improve town’s transport network given go ahead

Plans are afoot to close The Pavement in Pocklington to traffic to prevent the road being used as a rat run.
Plans are afoot to close The Pavement in Pocklington to traffic to prevent the road being used as a rat run.

Plans to spend in excess of £120,000 on improving the transport network in Pocklington have been given the green light.

As revealed in the 12 February Post, East Riding Council has included more than a dozen transport improvement schemes in the Pocklington Transport Strategy. The Strategy aims to encourage local residents to make short trips on foot or by bike rather than driving. It is one of 14 that have been prepared for settlements across the county as part of East Riding Council’s development of a new Local Transport Plan, which has recently been approved by the authority’s cabinet.

The schemes will be carried out by East Riding Council over the next three years. Among them are plans to close The Pavement in Pocklington to traffic, only allowing access for funerals and deliveries, to prevent the road being used as a rat run to avoid the Railway Street roundabout.

This is expected to cost £15,000 and take place during the financial year April 2017 - March 2018.

There are also plans to review access arrangements from George Street to the parking area on The Pavement to reduce conflict between pedestrians and vehicles. This will be carried out during the financial year 2016-17 and cost about £20,000. Details of all the schemes for Pocklington, which are expected to cost about £123,000 in total, are available from the town council. The Local Transport Plan outlines the strategic approach East Riding Council will take to investing in the area’s transport infrastructure over the next 14 years as well as outlining a number of schemes and projects that will be delivered over the next three years. The Government requires all transport authorities outside London to produce a Local Transport Plan setting out transport strategies and policies for their area and explaining how funding will be invested to improve the local transport network. The council’s transport policy team has taken the opportunity to refresh the current third Local Transport Plan and to prepare a revised strategy and implementation plan, which will be formally adopted on 1 April. This new plan will be known simply as the Local Transport Plan. The plan includes a 14-year transport strategy for the East Riding which will cover the period from 2015 to 2029. It also includes a three-year implementation plan, which sets out a programme of schemes that will be constructed between 2015 and 2018. Councillor Symon Fraser, cabinet portfolio holder for environment, housing and planning at East Riding Council, said: “Good transport infrastructure is vital to an area and its economy and the strategy and policies within this plan will help ensure that pedestrians, motorists and the travelling public can continue to go about their day-to-day lives safely and with minimal hindrance.”