Major campaign to restore parish church

All Saints Church at Shiptonthorpe is in need of some major repairs.
All Saints Church at Shiptonthorpe is in need of some major repairs.

Members of a parish church have received a major boost as they embark on a £250,000 refurbishment campaign.

All Saints Church at Shiptonthorpe is in desperate need of major renovation and to find out exactly how much work is needed an application for a Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) Grant was submitted.

The application was successful and development funding of £13,600 has been provided by the HLF to support a £23,000 analysis of the building.

This is the first stage on the long road to restoration.

Members aim carry out a huge rebuilding operation on the church following an English Heritage (now called Historic England) assessment that the structure of the 12th Century church ‘was in danger of failure’.

The Church Council will be applying for further funding once the survey is complete.

It hopes to get around £180,000 to help pay for the work, estimated at more than £250,000.

Churchwarden Steve Jones said: “The Church Council is delighted and very grateful to receive the support from National Lottery players. The Grade 1 Listed church has provided support to so many people living in the village and outlying areas over past centuries and continues to do so today.

“The money will be used to find out exactly how much work is needed to guarantee the integrity of the church.

“We recently have had surveyors looking at the roof. The roof tiles and some of the supporting structure will have to be removed.

“Quite a lot of the stonework around the church needs replacing because of the damage caused by erosion over a number of years.

“Some of the stained glass windows will also need to be removed so some of the stones can be reset.

“Due to rainwater ingress some of the interior plaster will need repairing, and some guttering and drainage work needs to take place.

“In addition to all the restoration work we are looking at fitting a toilet and small kitchen area.

“We are looking to get a further £180,000 from English Heritage to help, which they have agreed to in principle.

“It just needs to see the confirmation of the work needed. The overall project will cost a little over £250,000, including VAT.”