Mac says goodbye

Stephen 'Mac' McMillan and Richard Hannigan
Stephen 'Mac' McMillan and Richard Hannigan

Pocklington said goodbye to a long-serving lifesaver recently as Watch Manager Stephen ‘Mac’ McMillan retired from the fire after 30 years service.

Mac, 56, spent his whole 30 years as a retained firefighter at Pocklington Fire Station, and was given a great leaving do at Pocklington Rugby Club by friends, family and colleagues past and present.

The Chief Fire Officer of Humberside Fire and Rescue Richard Hannigan event paid tribute to Mac presenting him with an axe, group photograph of the Pocklington crew and a certificate.

Mac said: “The leaving do was a little bit emotional, it was a lot of effort from my colleagues.

“I’m really happy to have been able to serve the community. Some of the things I’m proud of would be helping when the Flexi-Coil factory in Seaton Ross blew up or at the bus crash at Wilberfoss, but also rising to the top position for a retained firefighter at Pocklington Fire Station.

“It’s been great seeing the introduction of up to date methods, and the refurbishment of the station, the service is fantastically equipped to deal with incidents now.

“I’ve stepped down because it’s time for some younger blood at the station. I wish incoming watch manager Mandi Hyde the best of luck.”