Local producers go online to challenge supermarkets

Small and independent food retailers in Beverley are turning to the internet in an effort to compete with the supermarkets and to get more locally produced food on to people’s dinner tables.

Businesses such as Marson’s Butchers and O’Brians Fruit and Veg have already signed up with www.wedeliverlocal.co.uk, a Macclesfield based internet company which works with small companies to deliver locally produced food.

Like a local version of the supermarket online delivery services, We Deliver Local aims to provide an internet based market for smaller businesses, without the need for the companies to set up their own online shops.

Philip Marson of Marson Mobile Butchers, said: “We have been looking to get online for a while now and when they approached me I thought it was a fantastic idea.

“Every advantage we can get to compete with the supermarkets is great news.”

After the recent horsemeat scandal involving several major supermarket chains, more and more people are turning to local producers for the security of knowing where their food has come from and how it was produced.

We Deliver Local was started two years ago, and after a successful takeup in Macclesfield, is looking to create a network for producers around Beverley.

Andy Hughes, business development manager at We Deliver Local, said: “We are focused on giving consumers a choice and helping small producers compete with the big supermarkets.

“Local producers are more trusted then the supermarkets at the moment and want to increase their reach.”

If you are a local producer interested in signing up with We Deliver Local call 07880313497 or visit www.wedeliverlocal.co.uk