Local author’s new novel gets roaring ratings

Natalie Rose is pictured with her new publication Triumph of the Red Dragon.
Natalie Rose is pictured with her new publication Triumph of the Red Dragon.

An author in the Pocklington area has just launched her second novel.

Natalie Rose, 30, who farms near Bubwith alongside her husband Robert and brother-in-law Paul Rose recently published ‘Triumph of the Red Dragon’ – the second in a four-book series.

Mrs Rose self-published her first novel in The Bearnshaw Series ‘Legend of the Whyte Doe’ to very little fanfare in 2014, but it has since built a fervent cult following, resulting in a five star rating on the Amazon website.

The novel was a re-telling of a local legend from the Lancashire-Yorkshire border region where she grew up in near Burnley, but was inspired by her move to York.

Although the original legend was a standalone tale, she thought there was much more on offer from the Wars of the Roses period for readers and has pushed the story onto a new generation of the featured Bearnshaw family.

The new book is already up to five stars on Amazon.

Mrs Rose, talking about the book’s rating, said: “I’m amazed. I knew the first book had something going for it because it was based on such timeless raw material – that old folk tale – but this second book worried me because it was much more my own work.”

Her first book took 14 years to write. She said: “It took me 14 years to manage it, but I was driving to milk some cows very early in the morning one day, musing on things, and it all suddenly fell into place.”

Triumph of the Red Dragon (ISBN-10: 1530401038) is now available through Amazon and Kindle.