Local author’s book investigates mystery of legion

In Search of the Ninth Legion.
In Search of the Ninth Legion.

A local author has written a new book about the mystery that surrounds a ‘lost’ Roman legion.

Ian Dewar, from Middleton on the Wolds, has spent many years researching the Ninth Legion and the ever-enduring mystery of its disappearance somewhere north of Hadrian’s Wall.

His publication, In Search of the Ninth Legion, takes a look at the historical and archaeological evidence regarding the mystery. Around 4,000 men disappeared.

The book leads the reader back and forth across Roman-occupied Britannia and beyond, identifying the movements of the Ninth Hispana and its auxiliaries – and the reasons behind their many deployments.

Mr Dewar, a military historian and published author, said: “Despite its title this work is not aimed at the academic market, but does gather together the known history and associated archaeology pertaining to the legion in a single archive to allow readers form their own conclusions on the disappearance of the Ninth.”

In Search of the Ninth Legion, published by Maison-Pigalle, will be available in bookshops in time for Christmas, priced £7.99.

Visit https://sites.google.com/site/iandewarauthor/ find out more about Mr Dewar and his other publications.