LISTEN: Town council meeting erupts

A town council meeting was suspended as a heated exchange between a ward councillor and the town council left the meeting in turmoil.

At Pocklington Town Council’s monthly meeting, Pocklington ward councillor Andy Strangeway began to make a statement which led to outbursts from both parties.

From left, Cllr Andy Strangeway, Cllr David Sykes and Cllr Terry Jones.

From left, Cllr Andy Strangeway, Cllr David Sykes and Cllr Terry Jones.

He said: “Just a bit of clarification I think may be appreciated.

“Terry Jones, gentleman sat here, decided to put this statement on social media. I’ll just read it briefly so everyone can hear it.

“A statement to Andy Strangeway. As one of the “muckers” on Pocklington Town Council, I wish to state that no matter what the election results are I will not...”

At this point, following muffled concerns raised from town council members the Mayor, Cllr David Sykes said: “Can I stop you there councillor please.”

A heated debate then broke out as to the relevance of Cllr Strangeway’s comments.

Cllr Strangeway said: “It is exceedingly relevant because I’ve been accused of making accusations, I’m quite happy just to get that clarification.”

Standing up in defence of the town council, fellow ward councillor Kay West stood in the public gallery and said “I’m sorry it’s not relevant to this council...” Her words are then inaudible but a heated exchange breaks out between the two ward councillors.

At this stage Cllr David Sykes, chair of the meeting, said: “It’s not relevant. I’ve asked you to stop, councillor.

“You are there to represent the East Riding.”

Cllr Strangeway can be heard to say Cllr West “you are acting out with your authority, you are acting out with your authority. You have no authority in this meeting.”

Interrupting the heated debate, Cllr David Sykes raises his voice: “If you do not shut up I will ask you to leave.”

This was swiftly followed by Andy Strangeway. “So you do not want to know that this gentleman has made accusations...”

Cllr Sykes then asks for a seconder before he turned to Cllr Strangewy and said: “Right will you leave.”

Refusing to leave, Cllr Strangeway said: “Oh I’m not leaving at all.”

The meeting was then “temporarily closed” and as silence fell on the Old Courtroom Cllr Strangeway said: “Thank you very much.”

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