Lions make sure no child misses out on meeting Santa

Robson Bird, age three, was able to meet Santa Claus
Robson Bird, age three, was able to meet Santa Claus

A family’s Christmas wish came true when a Lions group went above and beyond to make sure a little boy didn’t miss out on meeting Santa.

Three-year-old Robson Bird has non-verbal autism and his parents had arranged for him to meet Father Christmas at an autistic-friendly grotto in York at the weekend.

But Robson was struck with a sickness bug meaning he missed out on his chance to meet Santa Claus.

When a friend told Pocklington and District Lions they went out of their way to made special arrangements to meet Robson and his family at Burnby Hall.

Dad Robert Bird, of Pocklington, spoke of the “magical” experience. He said: “Robson was really happy, he had a cuddle with Santa which is always a good sign.

“Sometimes it is hard to tell but he had a smile on his face the whole way through.” The Lions volunteers normally set off from Sainsbury’s car park on their route around Pocklington and the surrounding areas but arranged to meet Robson and his family at the gardens out of the way of bright lights and crowds.

“They got him up on Santa’s sleigh and they got him a present which was just going above and beyond,” said Robert. “It was absolutely amazing. I just want to say thank you so much to the Lions – we couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

Robson gets really upset in queues where there is loud noises and crowds so would be unable to see Santa somewhere like Langlands.

“They really made his Christmas.Without the Lions he wouldn’t have had a chance to meet Santa Claus,” Robert added. “He was absolutely brilliant with Robson he talked to him calmly and got him up onto his sleigh and was high fiving with him. It’s just one of them moments that was absolutely magical.”

The whole family went along and Robson’s sisters Faith, five, and Florentine, one, were able to meet Santa too. A spokesperson from Pocklington and District Lions said: “We are just all really pleased that we can help. We are really happy that Robson enjoyed his time with Santa and we hope the whole family has a lovely Christmas.”

The Lions sleigh and Santa Claus will be in Pocklington Market Place on Friday December 23.