Lifestyle team make visits a piece of cake

The Happy Helpers ' Cary, Katie, Lilia and Niamh.
The Happy Helpers ' Cary, Katie, Lilia and Niamh.

Four pupils from Melbourne School have been helping out at Stoneleigh Home for the Elderly in Bielby as part of their Lifestyle project.

Lifestyle is organised by Humberside Police every summer and aims to encourage young people to spend some of their time making a difference in their community.

The Happy Helpers, made up of Carys, Katie, Lilia and Niamh, who are all 10, spent three afternoons at the home.

On their first visit, the fab four sang songs from the musical Oliver! which they had performed in as part of their school’s M&M club. The next afternoon was a games tournament with 100-year-old Doug excelling in the skittles.

The following day, they spent the morning with one of the mums baking cakes which they then took in for the residents to enjoy. One resident didn’t believe the 10-year- olds had made the fantastic cakes and had to be shown photographic evidence.

Dale Greenaway, the manager of Stoneleigh said: “The girls’ visits put a big smile on our residents’ faces and made the afternoons fun. Visits like this make a huge difference to the quality of life for our ladies and gentlemen.”

Happy Helper Lilia said: “Our confidence grew over the three days and we would love to go back to entertain the residents in the future.”

Photographs of the girls’ exploits have been regularly Tweeted by Humberside Police and one was retweeted and commented on by BBC presenter Peter Levy.