Life-saver nominated for award

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An off-duty paramedic has been nominated for a county-wide award after he jumped into a fast-flowing river to rescue a drowning woman.

Mike Edwards, 41, was walking his dogs along the River Derwent with his wife Tracey, who is also a paramedic, when they heard someone cry out for help.

They ran to where a member of the public was screaming and pointed to where a woman had fallen into the river.

Without hesitation, Mike, of Stamford Bridge, jumped into the fast-flowing river to rescue the woman who was being swept down stream.

Now Mike, who has been a paramedic for Yorkshire Ambulance Service for four years, has been nominated for Humberside Fire and Rescue’s Local Hero Award.

“I emptied my pockets and took off my coat and jumped straight in after her,” said Mike. “I didn’t really think about it at the time.

“It seemed like the most natural thing to do. It wasn’t until after that I thought it was a bit daft.

“I didn’t give it any thought.”

Under challenging circumstances, Mike managed to reach the woman and pull her to the riverbank struggling against the strong current. Mike spoke to the woman the entire time to keep her calm.

Mike and Tracey managed to haul the woman out of the water after about 10 minutes. Once out of the water, the pair checked her airways were open and stayed by her side until paramedics arrived.

Mike said: “I’m very touched that I have been put forward for it by my friend, Steve. To be shortlisted is fantastic I’m just humbled by the whole thing.”

There were dozens of entries from all over the Humberside Service area which have been whittled down to just three.

The winner will be announced at the Humberside Fire and Rescue Service Community Awards on Thursday November 24.

Also nominated is Sammy Irvine, a volunteer Special Constable for Humberside Police. Sammy tried to restrain a man under the influence of alcohol, pulling him to the ground after he attacked her colleague.

Humberside Fire and Rescue support staff,Gareth Wray and Dan Lockwood, who both had no formal operational training, pulled a man out of crashed car minutes before it burst into flames.

The award is decided by a public vote which closes on Friday October 21. Nominate by emailing ’SAMMY’, ‘MIKE’ ‘or ‘GARETH&DAN’ to localhero@humbersidefire.gov.uk

For more details see www.humbersidefire.gov.uk