Life’s so sweet as relatives celebrate Doug’s milestone

Former tractor salesman Doug Cook celebrates his 100th birthday.
Former tractor salesman Doug Cook celebrates his 100th birthday.

If a diet of fruit and vegetables makes you live longer then nobody told Doug Cook, who has just turned 100.

The former tractor salesman has made it to the three-figure mark despite his love of Thorntons’ toffee and a disregard for much healthier food items that are often recommended when it comes to extending life expectancy.

Mr Cook, a former Seward’s employee in Wilberfoss, maintained a driving licence until he reached 98 and lived independently at his bungalow in Pocklington.

Now a resident of Stoneleigh Residential Home in Bielby, Mr Cook was joined by his family for a special 100th birthday party, which included two granddaughters, Sally Cooper, 46, and Claire, 44, and five great grandchildren, who are aged between 14 and eight years old.

Mr Cook, who was born in Bishop Wilton and first worked as a farmer, was married to Florence for more than 60 years and the couple had a daughter, Marjorie, who died in 2006.

Mrs Cooper said: “He is doing really well. He thinks he’s 100 years young. He’s just got some new hearing aids and has a new lease of life.”

A spokesman at the home said: “We wish Doug a very happy birthday from family, friends, and all at Stoneleigh Residential Home.”