Letter: We need to work together on this for benefit of all

Unsurprising disappointed at parking review.
Unsurprising disappointed at parking review.

As a town councillor I read with eagerness the Cllr Strangeway parking review only to be unsurprisingly disappointed.

The town council has and is continuing to work hard for the town and bring changes that are possible, feasible, and that do not have further ramifications as some of Cllr Strangeway’s more radical ideas do.

We work hard for the town and are in discussion with East Riding of Yorkshire Council and its other ward councillors for this area who attend our meetings, as well as Pocklington school who kindly attended one of our meetings to discuss traffic issues outside their premises.

I think Cllr Strangeway should engage with the town council, then he may understand some of the issues in order to fully take on board what is, and is not achievable, because at present his efforts are only duplicating what we as a town council, with the support of the other ward councillors are doing.

Another team of people doing their best for the town that Cllr Strangeway may want to engage is the Gateway group that has a sustainable transport section, as well as the transport champion Cllr G Perry.

The town council always wishes to support and work with other groups and all representatives council or otherwise.

This is my private view of the situation and should not be considered the view of the town council.

Cllr Martin Cooper

Pocklington Town Council