Letter: We had one of first bagger combines

Bagger combine memories.
Bagger combine memories.

Re bagger combines and your farming writer Sam Walton’s farming reminiscences:

I came from Northallerton, we had one of the first bagger combines in one area.

It was delivered from John H Gill of Leeming Bar around 1946/7.

It came in wooden crates from the USA, we used the wood to enclose part of the Dutch barn for the storage of the 16 to 18 stone sacks hired from the goods railway station.

Woe betide you if you lost or damaged the heavy gauge sacks. My late sister and I had the job of moving these with a forklift on front of a tractor from the field.

Local farmers came to watch this new phenomena. We had one of the new fangled bailers, huge square ones tied with wire if my memory serves me right.

Pamela Frankland (nee Bramley)

Hull Road, Dunnington