Letter: Village trade is in danger of disappearing

Local villages are suffering too.
Local villages are suffering too.

Re lack of support from local residents. Pocklington and Acomb are bemoaning the fact of yet another charity shop. Pocklington has lost three businesses recently:

It is not just those areas, villages are suffering too. Our lovely village of Dunnington is in danger too.

We (at the moment) have everything but a bank, but with a good post office we are fine.

Several individual shops do not get the footfall despite being well-equipped with quality goods on offer.

One of them said Christmas trade was amazing, but those people only support once a year.

As he says you cannot force people into your shop.

Online shopping is one factor and supermarkets who stock everything under one roof another, as is out of town, city and village shopping.

If we do not support and “do not use it we will lose it.”

A sad reflection of the times.

Pamela Frankland

Hull Road