Letter: Think twice on tax credits

I once had a terrible decision to make – coal for our only fire, or food for the weekend for my family of five children.

My husband had been made redundant back in 1994 and, due to a mistake, we had had £20 cut from our unemployment benefits.

It was devastating as every penny was accounted for.

I doubt that many of our MPs have ever been in that situation – to anyone on a reasonable wage, £1,200 or so per year is like losing a 5p coin. But please remember that it really is food or heat for some people - even those who work full time. Unimaginable I know, but it is the truth.

What happened 20 years ago? Our MP stepped in and sorted it out.

Please, our representatives in Parliament, don’t let this proposal go through. We’re not talking Party Politics here – we’re talking basic human compassion.

Audrey Atkinson

10 All Saints Court,

Market Weighton