Letter: Thank you for all kind donations to poppy appeal

Poppy appeal thanks.
Poppy appeal thanks.

On behalf of the Royal British Legion I would like to say a massive thank you to the people of Stamford Bridge and the surrounding areas who have shown such generous support for the recent Poppy Appeal.

Sincere thanks also to the wonderful collectors and businesses for their continued support and again to everyone who donated so generously.

The total for the area was made up as follows: Stamford Bridge (all sources) £3,383.38; Wilberfoss £729.62; Bishop Wilton (including church collection) £385.46; Full Sutton Industrial Estate and HMP £673.42; High and Low Catton (including church) £343.10; Bugthorpe and Skirpenbeck £438.54; collections from other areas £1,716.41. Total £7,669.93. Also collected earlier in the year, but not included above, was £747.70 from the inmates of Full Sutton prison and a further £197.64 from other sources, making a grand total of £8,615.27.

Gordon Peel

Poppy Appeal Organiser