Letter: Tax avoiding ERYC members must be named

Tax avoiding councillors must be named.
Tax avoiding councillors must be named.

Use of the Freedom of Information Act has resulted in various offending councillors being named.

While it took three years for the offending Bolton councillor to be named and removed from a responsible chairmanship, four Hull councillors have recently been named.

In the case of the five offending ERYC councillors, while Dee Sharpe has been named, the other four offending ERYC councillors remain anonymous.

I have written to ERYC asking, under the Freedom of Information Act, that these four councillors be named.

I am awaiting the council’s reply. The public has a right to know.

In the words of Harry Davis of the Tax Payers Alliance these episodes reveal a contempt for transparency and accountability at the heart of local government.

These councillors have betrayed the trust of constituents, should be fired from their political parties, removed from their councils and never be allowed to hold any public office ever again.

Such goings on have seriously damaged the public’s trust in politicians nationally and particularly locally.

Roger Bruton

Broadmanor, Pocklington