Letter: Sad at Sue Ryder Holme closure

Saddened at closure.
Saddened at closure.

It is so sad that the care home is closing. Holme Hall is set in beautiful grounds at the foot of Church Hill in Holme-upon-Spalding Moor. The woods are home to the famous statue of the Virgin Mary that is reported to weep. The hall was initially a convent and when vacated by the nuns much of the fabric and furnishing was retained by Sue Ryder.

My mother was a resident at the home for a number of years in the 1990s and I believe she felt it was a home from home before the changes occurred.

After Sue Ryder’s personal input waned and before her death, the charity saw a very different style of management. It was extended to become more like a hospice specialising in caring for those with neurological problems.

Care in the community by charities is very important and it should not be for profit. The change into a specialised facility for those with neurological illnesses may have been the downfall of Holme Hall as a charitable care facility. As there is a crisis in care provision the government now needs to re-think its care policy and support local government in providing facilities so those needing care can be cared for in their local communities.

Hopefully Holme Hall will not end up in the clutches of a big housing developer.

I believe if Sue Ryder were still alive she would be astounded by what happens in her charity shops. What kind of management decides that people can return an item to a charity shop costing as little as £1. Volunteers in the shop then have to fill in a mountain of paperwork probably costing more than £1. It beggars belief that people would return a charity item costing £1 and expect their money back but according to the volunteers in the local shop they do.

Surely charity is about providing help where it is needed.

Mrs Sheila Duke

Canal Lane, Pocklington