Letter:Proposal sets a dangerous precedent

Residents are opposed to a reservoir being built.
Residents are opposed to a reservoir being built.

We are a group of Pocklington residents opposed to the planning applications for a “high risk” reservoir built next to a new housing development to the north of our town.

Our chief concern is that East Riding of Yorkshire Council has focused solely on the design of a single clay structure or “bund” that will hold back up to 90,000 tonnes of water. It commissioned Capita to design this structure at a cost of £100,000 and we know that this is outdated thinking for flood management.

The Environment Agency is now promoting a combined strategy of measures for flood control to include Natural Flood Management and Slow The Flow in conjunction with water retaining bunds all of which were used very successfully in Pickering to help solve its flood problems.

This exercise has not taken place for Pocklington because ERYC wish to contain the bund and 200 new homes on a single site, where the developer will fund most of the reservoir costs in return for planning permission.

This proposal sets a dangerous national precedent where developers are permitted to build on land that carries flood risk in return for financing flood alleviation schemes.

We maintain that due diligence has not been carried out by ERYC and will request a postponement of planning approval to allow NFM and STF assessments to be carried out north of

Pocklington which should result in a substantial reduction to the size and cost of the bund needed to protect our town and homes.

David Harris