Letter: Predictable bid to spread fear over Europe

The remain campaign are being very predictable in their efforts to spread fear about the effects of leaving the EU.

This is because there is nothing positive to say about remaining in the EU.

The EU pays theCBI, Friends of the Earth and other charities, in return they promote the EU and encourage it to make new rules after which the EU says thatit has listened to the people.

In order to trade with the EU we had to give up our trading with the Commonwealth, a partnership which had existed for many years. Our food prices increased when we joined the EU and could be reduced by trading with the commonwealth and with the rest of the world.

Our energy prices could also fall as the EU drive up energy prices by setting renewable targets and legislation. Indeed, this is part of the problem for the steel industry, that and the inability of the government to help our industries in case it gives unfair advantage over EU countries.

Our sales to the EU are falling. Indeed, we buy more from them than they buy from us so it does not make sense that they would not want a favourable trade deal with us. The World Trade Organisation, of which we are a member, has limits that can be imposed upon us in trade tariffs. Indeed, we would get our seat back on the WTO as an independent, at present we have to make do with being represented by the EU so w have 1/28th of a seat.

Our borders can be controlled if we leave. At present EU nationals have to have a passport but we cannot refuse them entry. We need to take back control of who enters ,otherwise our problems with NHS care,schools, prisons etc will only get worse.

The EU laws override our own laws, which prevents us from deporting criminals and control all aspects of our life. We need to take back our sovereignty. Isn’t this what we fought two world wars for, to be free.

Lastly our contribution of £19.5 billion per year gross, (we are told how we have to spend the money we get back) could be spent on healthcare for the elderly, NHS and many other

things. On top of this in 2014 just when the country was getting back on its feet, the EU demanded an extra £1.7 billion which was paid. How can we ever get the country back in shape if every time we do well, we are penalised? Food for thought!

Sylvia Walker

Shiptonthorpe, York