Letter: Precept to pay for new bus service and handyman

Precept increase of 2.5%.
Precept increase of 2.5%.

In reply to the open letter titled Concentrate on Issues that Matter in Pocklington.

A recent health check assessment of the town centre undertaken by outside retail consultants commissioned by East Riding of Yorkshire Council, identified that the proportion of retail outlets in Pocklington Town Centre is 10.1% compared to the national average of 9.5%.

Town centres have been changing with more service sector businesses opening.

The service sector includes cafes, restaurants, banks, hair dressers and spas. The high street is changing with more people choosing to shop online.Pocklington was recorded as a healthy town with a low level of vacancies and a well balanced retail offer.

There are currently three empty units in the town. Other units are either undergoing refurbishment or are in the planning system.

The Town Council has no responsibility for privately owned commercial property and businesses, nor does it have control over commercial competition.

The Town Council has decided to increase the precept for 2018/19 by 2.5% which for a band D council tax payer is an additional £1.90 a year.

The rise will be used to pay for a town bus service which will operate two days a week, one of which will be market day.

The Council is also going to employ a part-time handyman to assist with keeping the town clean and tidy.

Other projects planned for this year are the installation of a bus shelter, additional benches and bins, support for events such as the Tour de Yorkshire and replacement of some of our Christmas lights. Increased traffic and infrastructure damage.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council is responsible for the roads and traffic flow not the Town Council. The Town Council’s Transport, Lighting and Road Safety committee make recommendations to East Riding of Yorkshire Council but have no direct responsibility for policy and decisions. Policy for traffic is set at a national level by the Department of Transport.

The Department of Transport have specific targets in terms of how long you sit in traffic and for traffic volumes. Pocklington is well below the national targets for congestion.

Councillor David Sykes

Pocklington Town Council