Letter: Our town has lost services, shops and social venues

Recalling a once vibrant town centre.
Recalling a once vibrant town centre.

Looking back to the ‘good old days’ I remember when Pocklington had: a train station, gas works, a coal depot, Beals Nurseries, a scrap yard, a foundry, a council yard, a Jobcentre, a National School, a printers, six garages, a dance hall (Zillertal), a drill hall, a police station manned 24/7, four fish shops (open to midnight), cobblers, electric shop (YEB) to pay bills and buy goods, a wood yard, men’s outfitters, English’s Grain Store and Mill, launderette, Egg Packers, Rowleys Factory, Relay Shop, Rowleys (for school uniforms), Millers Wet Fish, Ainsty’s, a car showroom, Sundora Factory plus numerous small shops for groceries, shoes, dresses, etc.

What have we now?

Charity shops, hairdressers and eateries – nowt much else.

All we seem to have is houses, houses, and more houses with a lack of parking.

Can anyone add any more to the list I wonder?

A Walker

South View, Melbourne