Letter: Minsters Line would be major attraction

Peter Hemmerman
Peter Hemmerman

A couple of weeks ago the Queen reopened the railway line in Scotland running from Edinburgh to Tweedbank in the Borders.

It will be both a commuter route and a major tourist route to this scenic location.

It is interesting to compare this to the Minsters Line from Beverley to York which campaigners such as myself have been trying to reopen since 2001.

The Minsters Line is almost the same length, 30 miles, as the new line in Scotland, will cost approximately the same to complete and was closed by Beeching in the 60s.

The difference is that Scotland has a devolved government and can make such decisions and invest in their transport infrastructure.

Yorkshire of course does not. Maybe it’s time for that to change?

Peter Hemmerman, Chairman of Minsters Rail campaign.