Letter: Land by airfield would be ideal for park and ride

Concern at one of the parking proposals.
Concern at one of the parking proposals.

After reading the parking review submitted by Cllr Strangeway , I am concerned about one of his proposals in that parking should be put into place outside the church. To start with this road is needed for weddings and funerals.

He also has not given any thought to disabled parking in the town. At the present time there are only two bays in the town centre, in market square, but it is permissible for disable drivers with a blue badge to park outside the church, thus freeing up parking bays that able persons need to use.

As for the idea of park and ride, the ideal place for this is on land on the airfield next to the Shell garage by the A1079. The land has been designated for industrial usage, there are bus stops already in place, and the road layout with the mini roundabout gives the opportunity to add another road into a carpark. After all while waiting for the bus you can always have a cup of coffee, which is more than can be said about the park and ride around York.

Alex Petrie

Harper Close, Pocklington