Letter: Lack of seasonal spirit on show at car park

Example of pedestrian road rage.
Example of pedestrian road rage.

As we approach the season of goodwill, there appears to be one person at least who has not yet engaged in the festive spirit.

Shortly before 4pm on Tuesday 7 November, I drove into the Tesco car park in Market Weighton at what I felt was a safe speed, taking care to watch out for other cars and pedestrians.

I was aware of a woman pushing her supermarket trolley towards my vehicle.

As I slowed to a halt, I was taken aback when I heard this elderly woman scream “******* slow down”.

Unfortunately, the group of young children nearby probably heard her outburst as well.

I couldn’t let this go so through the window I politely suggested she should use the zebra crossing just 20 or so yards away only to be met with yet more swear words.

I was hoping to park up and speak to her but it seemed she wasted little time in packing her groceries in her black mid-range Audi SUV before driving out of the car park at a fair lick.

I wonder why?

Is this more evidence of pedestrian road rage?

The same day, I was driving on the A1079 through Shiptonthorpe when all traffic suddenly came to a rather abrupt halt.

A man carrying a shopping bag and who was perhaps not the quickest on his feet had stepped into the road, in front of oncoming traffic, raised his arm and with an open palm managed to get the traffic to stop while he crossed the road.

Lucky or just plain stupid? There’s a pedestrian refuge just a few yards away.

Happy Christmas all and keep safe.

Mike Stathers
Ward Councillor