Letter: Just £4 an hour and helped on 193 project

Democratic value for money.
Democratic value for money.

It was with bemusement that I read two letters attacking me in last week’s Pocklington Post.

I would like to assure Mike Brookes-Ward that as per the Nolan Principles, I must “be willing to challenge poor behaviour wherever it occurs”.

Thus I will, without fear or favour, hold to account any conduct I believe to be in breach of the Nolan Principles by the ruling Conservative Party, senior ERYC officers or any other elected councillor – this is fundamental to my role as an Independent ERYC councillor.

In response to Andrew St Johns-Toms ... I am delighted to confirm I did not take a day off my council duties during the recess. Furthermore his “less than a year” statement was only 10 days short of a year.

The cost to the taxpayer last year for the three ERYC Pocklington Provincial Ward councillors was, to my knowledge:

Cllr Kay West £22,921; Cllr Claude Mole £14,673; Cllr Andy Strangeway £13,180.

Since being elected in April 2016 I have completed 193 projects.

In addition I have assisted residents with personal issues, planning and safeguarding concerns, and observed every Disability Advisory Group meeting.

I have a 100% attendance record for the two committees I sit on and the Full Council.

I put in over 50 hours a week to my council duties.

At less than £4 an hour I consider this exceedingly good value.

Finally, to facilitate all of this I receive 45p per mile milage (included in the £13,180).

Living in Full Sutton I am the furthest away from County Hall, Beverley in the Pocklington area. Thus my milage will obviously be one of the highest.

Andy Strangeway


Pocklington Ward