Letter: I objected to development over traffic

I write in reference to the Pocklington Post headline “Evie fears deadly accident” (February 11).

Three years ago on February 26, 2013, I wrote to the housing and spatial strategy manager at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Beverley, with copies to the Pocklington Post and to Cllr Kay West, objecting to the building of houses north of Mile End Park. One of the issues was the expected extra traffic.

I quote from my letter of 2013: “Traffic leaving the Mile area would be increased to such an extent that it will create a bigger danger to children being dropped off and collected from schools adjacent to the roundabout in the Mile.

“Do we really want to risk a child being injured or worse, when the East Riding of Yorkshire Council has the power to prevent this unwise development?”

I understand that outline planning is still in progress to build north of Mile End Park.

An estimated figure would indicate that if 200 houses were built, a further 200-250 extra cars per day would be coming down to the roundabout by the school. The flooding problem is already with us.

Now there is a potential road accident problem.

It is now time to deal with this problem before an accident happens. Why do planners and town and county councillors treat Pocklington residents with such disdain?

JD Dawson

Mile End Park,