Letter: Haiti needs our support after violent hurricane

Appeal to help Haiti victims of Hurricane Matthew.
Appeal to help Haiti victims of Hurricane Matthew.

In February 2006 during our circumnavigation we anchored off the Isla a Vache which lies a few miles off the SW coast of mainland Haiti.

This is the extract from the log of Katanne for 21 Feb 2006 (full details of the circumnavigation are at www.katanne.co.uk):

“Isle a Vache is the most beautiful anchorage we have yet visited. Clear blue waters and palm fringed white sands with small houses dotted amongst the trees. It is also the poorest place we’ve been to.

The fishermen use very small sail driven boats which look lovely from a distance but as they came closer we saw the ragged sails made from scraps of material or plastic bags.

“The fish they catch were never very large.”

Hurricane Matthew passed directly overhead the island and now all that is now gone, the crops, the homes, the dugouts and the boats and probably the horses too.

I have discovered that Havenpartnership, an NGO charity based in Ireland, has been working on the island and are appealing for help.

A donation however small will be invaluable in helping to restore the lives of these totally destitute islanders.

Donations can be made directly at https://www.havenpartnership.com/donation/ or contact themby phone 00353 1681 5440 or email info@havenpartnership.com.

You can also help by posting a request on your facebook page and asking your friends to share it. Thank you.

Tom Sampson

Cardigan Road,