Letter: Government fails to address NHS problems

Government fail to address crisis in NHS.
Government fail to address crisis in NHS.

The budget announcement is yet another failed attempt by the Government to seriously address the crisis gripping our NHS.

Hospitals, GP surgeries and social care services in East Yorkshire and across the country face an uncertain future as years of underfunding and under resourcing is presenting itself in overstretched services and staff are exposed to dangerous levels of stress.

The extra £100m of funding promised for GP triage services across emergency departments will do little to ease the pressure on A&E’s and will take GPs, who are currently in the grip of a recruitment crisis, away from their surgeries where they are desperately needed.

Similarly, the additional £325m in funding towards overseeing sustainability and transformation plans is just a drop in the ocean compared to the £9.5bn that is actually needed to successfully implement the plans.

The government should have used the budget as an opportunity to plug the £30bn gap in the NHS but has instead ensured that the situation will go from bad to worse as their complacency in addressing the actual amount of funding needed will ultimately affect patient care.

Dr Rajeev Gupta

BMA Yorkshire council chairman