Letter - flood alleviation scheme

Flooding in Pocklington. Picture by Tony Marr
Flooding in Pocklington. Picture by Tony Marr

I attended the consultation at Burnby Hall only to discover that the house builders, Persimmon Homes, appear to be avoiding providing affordable homes by contributing to the flood alleviation scheme.

While they suggest that 30-40 of the 180-200 homes might be two-bed at a likely cost of £150,000, I wonder how affordable they will be to the many 25-35 year-olds now having to live with their parents due to not being able to buy properties, nor find it at all easy to save up a deposit with average private rents at around £600 per month and few council rented properties being available.

The need is for far more affordable housing – buying or renting – and the flood alleviation scheme.

Chris A Butlin

Wheelwright Close

Sutton upon Derwent