Letter: Fighting to protect our countryside

Determined to fight to protect the countryside.
Determined to fight to protect the countryside.

We attended a talk at the Milton Rooms, Malton, to listen to a very earnest, erudite Canadian woman Jessica Ernst, who told us of the untold problems caused to the water supply of her and her neighbours due to the gas industry which had fracked their area.

The hall was packed by mainly middle-aged and elderly respectable Yorkshire folk horrified at what they heard and made even more determined to fight to protect the countryside. Now

Scotland has banned fracking one must ask why politicians are ignoring the wishes of ordinary people?

Since then we have been to the fracking site at Kirby Misperton several times to join the protesters, most of whom are the same people whom we saw at Malton.

Let us not forget Kirby Misperton is only 28 miles away from Pocklington.

We urge everyone who is concerned to see the tall drill lit up at night and thundering trucks on the narrow country lanes.

In 1069 William the Conqueror harried the North and it took the countryside years to recover. If the fracking industry is not stopped our countryside will be ruined. If you have doubts about the dangers of fracking I urge you to research the matter.

Roger Bruton



(on behalf of

Pocklington and District Anti-Fracking group)