Letter: Every penny we have is raised

With reference to the front page feature entitled “Lions rolling to the rescue” (15 October), I would like to pay tribute to the amazing sense of community spirit alive and well in this great town!

At the time of writing this letter the project is still a “job in progress” but we are confident that we will complete the work within the estimated time.

Given the deplorable state we found the dwelling to be in, the transformation is on track, due entirely to all who have been involved both from Pocklington District Lions Club and from those in the community who have offered their time and skills.

It is true to say we all perhaps underestimated the time it took to reach a point where we could actually open the first can of paint! The process of simply scraping layer upon layer of wallpaper, in some cases covered in gloss paint, took a number of volunteers about six days!

I am now pleased to say painting has started and we should be ready for carpets to go down this week. On completion we will have reached the point where we can hand over to mum and daughter.

It is always difficult to ensure everybody involved is thanked properly but I would like to say, on behalf of Mum and daughter, A BIG THANK YOU to the residents of the town and surrounding area who contacted us, many of whom came and gave of their valuable time.

A number of organisations and commercial businesses have provided valuable and practical help including: Pocklington in Need Relief, Pocklington Carpets, Lees Flooring, Morris Decorators, Stuff for Sale in Pocklington (Facebook), East Riding Angels and Shine BY window cleaners.

I am a regular reader of the Pock Post and I have to say it is a pleasure to read positive stories rather than stories from those who seem to always be complaining about “who hasn’t done what!”

I am a realist and accept there are always other points of view to be considered. However, in my experience there is no excuse for anonymous and frankly destructive criticism without first seeking the full facts.

We have received in excess of 80 positive comments and “likes” on Facebook alone and many more by phone and, would you believe in this social media based world, even face-to-face contact!

But, as they say, there is always one! An unknown person has made some spurious comments about the validity of what we are doing and, I believe, eluding to the fact that public money may be involved in this project.

Let me put the record straight. Every penny which Lions raises is from fundraising events, street collections and donations. Every single pound is spent only after careful consideration by the club as to whether the case is genuine or that the beneficiary is a registered charity. In this case the request for help came from The Child Support Centre (ERYC).

Finally, I thank my fellow Lions who always give their time without financial gain and who have supported this particular project from the very first day we were approached. Anyone wishing to find out more about Lions please call 07970 697317

Richard A Knill


Pocklington District Lions Club