Letter: Details from the Burnby Hall sundial image

Picture mystery solved
Picture mystery solved

Regarding the large photo in last Thursday’s edition of Down Memory Lane showing two ladies and a gentleman round the sundial at Burnby Hall Gardens.

The lady on the right of the picture is Muriel Howard, my wife, and at that time the president of the Pocklington WI (still a member and until recently the press officer of the WI).

The gentleman, we think, is the then chairman of the Burnby Gardens Trust, but we are unable to recall his name. The lady on the left is Maudie Waite, who was the oldest member of the WI (now deceased).

The occasion was the formal presentation of the sundial to the gardens – nowadays re-installed on a different plinth in its original position in the centre of the circular bedding-plant garden near the aviary.

Roy Howard