Letter: Decision kills off northern powerhouse plan

Government decision ends northern powerhouse plan.
Government decision ends northern powerhouse plan.

The latest Government decision not to include Hull in rail electrification plans finally ends the pretence that we are any part of the so-called northern powerhouse.

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council used the proposed electrification of the line between Hull and Selby as justification for not proceeding with the urgently required reinstatement of the Beverley to York rail line.

Presently having to travel all the way around by Selby makes our journeys 30 minutes longer than necessary. The restoration of the direct Beverley to York line would reconnect vast areas of our county with the main rail network and put us back on the map.

Commuters are entitled to fast efficient public transport, our overcrowded roads are sadly populated by cell phone-using heavy-footed egotists, endangering us all.

Infrastructure projects are good for the south and midlands, why must our region be treated like a backwater.

The Beverley to York line is viable as the consultation exercise proved, it would invigorate our industry and tourism, we should make a start on it now while the route and trackbed still largely exists.

D Bayram

Beverley Parklands