Letter: Concentrate on issues that matter in Pocklington

The public will decide when voting comes round again.
The public will decide when voting comes round again.

An open letter to Pocklington Town Council, re Cllr Strangeway:

We have got the point many Pocklington Post articles ago that you and Mr Strangeway are never going to get on.

No doubt when the democratic voting process comes around again the public will decide.

Interestingly, continually putting someone in the spotlight who clearly, rightly or wrongly, is showing that he is making an impact could result in an unexpected perception in the eyes of the public at election time.

In the interim, what is the council actually doing about issues that are really affecting Pocklington, such as the number of empty shops – are they all destined to be drinking bars?

How the precept no doubt will have to rise and why?

And the continued issues with increased traffic and the resulting damage caused to our infrastructure?

P Jennings

London Street