Letter: Coalition exceeds cost of Labour manifesto

Have Tories found a 'magic money tree'?
Have Tories found a 'magic money tree'?

What a difference a month makes!

A few weeks ago an election leaflet from Sir Greg Knight was received through the post stating quite clearly that a vote for Labour was a vote for a “coalition of chaos” led by Jeremy Corbyn. Furthermore, the Conservative flyer went on to say that no “magic money tree” was available to pay for Labour’s manifesto, and if these policies were enacted the Labour Party would bankrupt the country.

Now a few weeks later Sir Greg Knight in his column believes that a coalition with the DUP (a real coalition of chaos) will lead to a stable government for this country. Ironically this coalition will cost the taxpayers £1billion, and the Tories have found a “magic money tree” to pay for it! It is also ironic that the £1billion deal with the DUP will cost more than the total cost of the Labour Party’s manifesto.

Richard Bryon

Betterton Court