Letter: Brexit vote is the most important choice in our lifetime

Brexit vote is the most important of our lifetime.
Brexit vote is the most important of our lifetime.

The decision that faces every voter in the UK on Thursday 23 June, whether to remain in the EU, or for our country to once again return to being a normal self governing democracy, is probably the most important choice we will make on a ballot paper in our lifetime.

To some it is a decision quickly made, to many others it is a confusing and bewildering fog of claim and counter claim. Project fear works, and it is well evident in this campaign already.

We have the rich and powerful telling us their views including, I note, President Obama who wants us to relinquish our sovereignty, whilst I suggest he would not for one moment dream of doing this in his own country!

So I ask myself, what is so wrong and so frightening about electing our own government to make our own laws and control our own borders? Just how do we sack an EU government?

People we didn’t elect and we can’t remove. Just how do we put another one in its place? The answer of course is, we can’t.

If it is simply about money and economic growth as George Osborne would have us believe, then I ask, just how much would you sell your family members for? Clearly some things are beyond price.

Too many today seem to know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

So which is it to be on June 23? The day Britain dies and becomes an administrative province of a United States of Europe, or the day Britain once again rises to freedom?

Along with our MP, Sir Greg Knight, I shall vote not just to leave the EU but more, to once again live in a democracy, to end the indignity our laws being inferior to EU laws, to know that those who come after me will still have a vote that can change things for the better.

For those still undecided, the choice is simple. Who governs Britain - our unaccountable masters in Brussels or our elected representatives in Westminster?

Eric Wood

Holme Road, Market Weighton