Letter: Applaud MPs who voted against cuts

We now know that three of the region’s Conservative MPs voted against the Government’s plans to cut working tax credits by £4.4 billion; in my opinion they should be applauded.

We also know, from the independent and respected Institute for Fiscal Studies that George Osborne was being less than honest when pretending that his cuts were fully compensated for by rises in minimum pay and childcare support. And we know that for some people, the proposed cuts would act as a disincentive to work, precisely the opposite of Government claims.

Working Tax Credits are not perfect, but they have come to play a critical role in supporting low-paid workers, particularly those with children and particularly in low pay areas like East Yorkshire.

Yet we have heard very little from our own MP about why he voted in support of such severe cuts targeted on the working poor who his Government pretends to champion.

It would also be interesting to hear his views on where the issue should go now that the House of Lords has rejected the Government proposals as cruel and mis-targeted.

Perhaps he thinks the Government should shift the balance away from clobbering the weakest, stop giving tax cuts to the rich and ensure that large companies pay tax in the countries where they make their profits?

In the meantime, we should remember that these proposed cuts were not in the Tory election manifesto and that David Cameron had actually promised to protect working tax credits.

We look forward to hearing from Sir Greg.

Daniel Vulliamy

The Other House