Letter: Act over fracking before time’s up

I do hope that local councillors see sense and stop any of this before it’s too late. It is bad enough that Cuadrilla has been granted licences to explore.

Imagine the damage to our countryside should drilling go ahead: the pollution – of the air, of the ground and of noise –from all the lorries that will cart the stuff from the sites, not to mention the drilling itself. All the machinery that will be required to carry out the work.

Then there’s the blot on the landscape that these drilling sites will be. It will never be the same again.

In addition, we should remember the experiences from other countries, where water has been polluted, where earthquakes have been triggered.

Do we really want this on our doorstep? Or should I say, under it? Do we want methane gas coming from our taps, along with our drinking water?

Cuadrilla are going to all the council parish meetings, are they? Does anyone believe for a moment that they will do anything but gloss over any problems?

It is profit which is Cuadrilla’s motive: nothing else. The people who run the company don’t live here; they will be unaffected by what goes on here. It won’t matter to them how devastated our countryside will be. They will simply move on to the next place.

While no-one would argue against the need for energy sources other than coal and oil, surely it is obvious that fracking is also using fossil fuel? And the process hasn’t been proven to be safe.

Independent reports have said that a major problem is the huge quantities of water and chemicals (which may be toxic) being used, which produce vast quantities of waste water.

No doubt Cuadrilla will say, as they have before, that it is the bad practice of a small number of operators which has led to contamination. I don’t think we can dismiss the possibility of major upheaval and pollution, even from Cuadrilla.

Anne Woodward

Selby Road

Holme on Spalding Moor