Let the Games begin!

Trish Mitchell &her newly painted Olympic rings
Trish Mitchell &her newly painted Olympic rings
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OLYMPIC fever has already swept over one local village as Burnby resident Trisha Mitchell gets into the ‘ring’ of things.

Mrs Mitchell has had the iconic Olympic Rings painted on to the side of her home in anticipation of the Games coming to London this year.

She said the painting has gone down well with her neighbours and has created a buzz about the village.

“We wondered about putting a mural up during the Olympics before last, but we never did,” said Mrs Mitchell.

“And now that it’s happening in this country, and is in the news a lot, we thought for a bit of fun we would put the rings up.

“We are thrilled with it and all the village has been saying how lovely it is.”

The work was carried out by local firm Rooms Painters.