'Let's keep Pocklington thriving'

Business group venture to keep town thriving
Business group venture to keep town thriving

A business group venture has been set up in an attempt to keep Pocklington thriving following a spate of shop closures.

The number of empty shop windows in the town has become more evident in recent months.

With shops such as Sixty-Two, in Railway Street, Ye Little Olde Sweet Shoppe, in Pavement, and Maynews, in Market Place, closing.

For the first time businesses got together this week to discuss what can be done to give a boost to Pocklington’s independent retailers, cafes and shopowners.

The meeting this week was a success with more than 30 emails given to receive updates.

Sam Storey, who owns the Market Street Cafe, organised the group’s first meeting at the White Goose.

She said: “Everybody moans that Pocklington is going downhill. I thought it was time we got together and see what we can do about it.

“There has been a number of shops close recently which has brought people’s attention to it.”

Sam believes it’s important to get businesses into the empty shops and suggested having three or four businesses selling different items in the same shop, which could support smaller up and coming sellers.

The cafe owner, who has owned the Market Street spot for more than three years, has already thought up various ideas which could help boost business.

“I’ve got some ideas such a s a loyalty card where a shopper gets a stamp everytime they go to a different shop, when they reach ten they get 10% off,” added Sam.

“Another thing was ‘Crazy Tuesdays’ where shops put a special offer on once a week to coincide with market day.”

Pocklington Town Councillor Dean Hodgson, who was involved in initiating the venture, said:

“I hope that all the shops and businesses can get together to form a body that can stand for and represent all the businesses in Pocklington and surrounding villages to ensure a bright and vibrant future for all.”