Last chance to have your say


TIME is running out for residents to have their say on plans for the future building of over 2,000 homes in our area.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Local Development Framework proposes that 25,500 new houses will be built in the East Riding up to 2028.

Over 2,000 of these will be in the local area, including 1,148 in Pocklington, 893 in Market Weighton and 170 in Stamford Bridge.

Villages including Holme on Spalding Moor, Middleton on the Wolds, Melbourne and Wilberfoss have also been earmarked for future expansion.

The consultation process for East Riding Council’s Core Strategy, which will drive the decisions behind where to build the new homes, closes this Monday 19 December.

A previous consultation in summer 2010 generated 2,250 comments, with many residents contacting the Pocklington Post to express their concerns over the number of homes planned for the local area.

In the last two months, over 100 residents have also registered their comments and objections to the strategy, using East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s online consultation portal.

Concerns about the scheme include the increased chance of flooding that more homes in the Pocklington area could create and whether the local infrastructure is capable of coping with hundreds more homes.

One Pocklington resident, whose home backs on to land being considered for future new builds, has lodged her objection to the plans online, saying that over 1,000 more homes in Pocklington would damage the town’s character.

She added: “1,000-plus houses is surely far too many for the Market Town of Pocklington.

“1,000 properties brings a possibility of 4,000 people and 1,500-plus cars into the area. We will no longer be a market town.”

She also questioned whether George Street can cope with any more traffic calling it ‘a most awfully congested and dangerous street already’.

Another resident was also concerned about the increase in traffic that expanding nearby villages would create.

He said: “Adding a further 75 dwellings to Wilberfoss without prospect of additional employment in the village will lead to yet more commuting to centres of employment (York, Leeds) and simply exacerbate existing horrendous traffic problems on the A1079.”

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The Mayor of Market Weighton, Coun Peter Hemmerman also expressed his concerns, telling the Pocklington Post: “I am not happy with it at all, but it is something that is going to happen.

“It is a very long and complicated document and not one that the lay man would be likely to want to comment on.

“I do have concerns about it, particularly about flooding - there doesn’t seem to be anything to cope with an increased risk of floods in the area.”

Steve Hunt, of East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s planning department said that the council decided to carry out a further consultation on specific parts of the Strategy so that it could address responses to last year’s consultation.

The authority is also taking into account new information on the demand and need for new housing and the amount of jobs that are expected to be created in the region.

He said: “The extra consultation period has certainly been worthwhile, the responses are still coming in so we are not able to analyse it all yet and it is fairly flexible - if we are still getting comments into next week we will try to take them into account.

“Our next stage is that we will be assessing all the sites suggested to us and making our decisions and next year we will release an amended version of the Strategy based on those decisions.”

Mr Hunt said that the number of local sites earmarked for future development will be dramatically reduced by the end of the process.

“For example, in Market Weighton we had 16 sites suggested, but the final number will be much smaller,” he said.

“In Pocklington there are 14 sites suggested to us, but a very small proportion - only two or three of these - will be used.

“We expect the final version of the document to be published in about May next year, and that will set out what we feel is a final number of homes to be built in Pocklington and Market Weighton.

“We will have to take all the comments received into account and we will amend the planning document accordingly.”

The council says that the figure of 25,500 new houses to be built in the East Riding was reached by considering matters such as expected demographic changes, migration into and out of the region, the level of anticipated housing need for emerging new households and the number of new jobs that are forecast to be provided.

The suggested number of homes to be built in our area over the next 17-years are as follows; Market Weighton 893, Pocklington 1,148, Holme on Spalding Moor 170, Middleton on the Wolds 70, Stamford Bridge 170, Melbourne 23 and Wilberfoss, 75.

Residents have until Monday to make their voices heard and can do so by visiting to view the document and by contacting the council on 01482 391739 emailing