Kirkland Street site plan appeal rejected

The Kirkland Street site.
The Kirkland Street site.

Pocklington Town Council objected and lobbied to have the application for 12 dwellings with only four parking spaces rejected by East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Western Area Planning Committee.

The applicant disagreed with the decision which then went to appeal.

The inspector dismissed the appeal as the development was seen to be overdevelopment as there would be too few on-site parking spaces and that was insufficient on-street parking in the immediate area.

The application was for the former industrial buildings at the end of Kirkland Street at the George Street end.

A spokesman said: “Pocklington Town Council lobbied members of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Western Area Planning Committee to ensure the application was rejected.

“The committee only rejected the application by one vote.

“The planning officer report had recommended approval for the original application.

“This went against East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s own supplementary planning guidance on parking which suggests there should be one space for one bed dwellings and two spaces for two bed dwellings.

“The guidance would therefore have expected 16 spaces to be provided on site rather than the four proposed.

“The council has consistently objected to applications that have not provided sufficient car parking spaces, particularly where this is likely to cause problems for existing residents.

“The council know that there are current issues with a lack of on-street parking in this part of the town. The existing terraces were built when cars didn’t exist or when car ownership was very low.

“Pocklington is a rural market town and residents have become reliant on cars for most of their transport needs and so developers need to take this into account on proposed new developments.

“The council would like to see the site developed but the applicant needs to take account of the need to provide an appropriate number of parking spaces.”

Pocklington Ward Councillor Andy Strangeway said the orignial report to the Western Area Sub-Committee falsely stated ‘The surrounding area does not have on-street parking restrictions’.

Mr Strangeway said: “This statement was incorrect. Almost the full length of Kirkland Street has double yellow lines.

“At the Western Area Planning Sub Committee meeting, officers advised members that following your presentation, it was acknowledged that immediately outside the site there were parking restrictions.

“This case demonstrates the role a Ward Councillor can play in the planning process.”