Keeping the elderly warm

Community foundation
Community foundation

A COMMUNITY foundation is calling on local residents to help the elderly and vulnerable survive this winter.

The Two Ridings Community Foundation, based at Stamford Bridge, recently launched its ‘Surviving Winter Appeal’ which encourages householders to think about people in the region who are suffering from fuel poverty this winter.

Latest figures estimate that one in four households in the local area will have to make the choice between eating or heating their homes when the freezing temperatures set in.

Jackie McCafferty of the Two Ridings said: “It is a big problem, 24 per cent of homes in this area will be in fuel poverty this winter, yet there will also be households who are receiving a winter fuel allowance who don’t actually need it.

“We are appealing for people who do get a winter fuel allowance but don’t need it to get in touch with us and we can distribute that money to someone who desperately needs it.

“We’ve even written to Alan Sugar asking if he’d like to donate his!”

The Two Ridings Community Foundation expanded its operations to cover East Riding and Hull in 2008, having previously focused on York and North Yorkshire.

It is part of the national Community Foundation Network which distributes funds raised through private donations, philanthropists, businesses, trusts and statutory bodies.

Two part-time staff and a volunteer keep the operation ticking over from a base on Buttercrambe Road, Stamford Bridge, and they hope local people support their latest campaign.

“We work with other agencies and charities, such as Age UK, to identify those who need the grants the most,” said Jackie, “It does make a difference.”

Already the Surviving Winter fund has topped £1,1000.

Local organisations which have benefited from the Two Ridings help in the past include Stamford Bridge Sheltered Homes, Holme on Spalding Moor Village Hall, Pocklington Runners and many more.

Anybody who can help the Surviving Winter Appeal can contact the Two Ridings Community Foundation on 01759 377400.