Jude is in pig at last – and it has saved her bacon!

Vicky Scott, pig farmer at Pockthorpe Hall, Kilham.
Vicky Scott, pig farmer at Pockthorpe Hall, Kilham.

I’ve just come home from a lovely week away in the Lake District. Not a pig in sight. Well, nearly not.

My children took great delight in the sight of three potbellied pigs roaming in a field near our cottage which we had to stop and admire every time we passed daily. You would think they had never seen a pig before.

Back home Dotty is living it up in her yard, fully exploiting her status as by far the oldest pig on the farm.

Jude is also breathing a sigh of relief as I have just scanned her in pig! One lucky lady as she had already returned once and that was her last chance.

Kate and I took part in a webinar earlier last month. It was aired to school children, this time secondary schools.

We put together – or rather Kate put together – a presentation based on our farm.

We talked through what we do on a daily basis and why. We’re really just trying to educate the future farmers about the massive opportunities there are within agriculture and help explain the job farmers do. I was also asked to show some Chinese visitors around our outdoor pigs a few weeks ago.

They were all involved in promoting food in China and included a top Chinese chef and lots of media gurus. There were about 20 of them altogether and, thankfully, three translators!

I guided them around the outdoor pigs on a beautiful, sunny day, which really does help promote outdoor pig production!

They seemed to really love seeing the sows and piglets and were full of relevant questions. They said it was quite different to anything they had ever seen before.

On Wednesday I am heading down to the bright lights of London for the National Pig Awards.

We are not up for any prizes this year, but it should be a really fun evening as we celebrate some amazing achievements within the industry.

In this time of uncertainty as to if and when the pig price may rise, any chance of some celebration needs grabbing.

Please keep supporting British produce, pork in particular, and look for the Red Tractor Quality Standard mark when buy your food.