Joy for Wesley as bike is returned

Wesley Brooks
Wesley Brooks

A DELIGHTED schoolboy has been reunited with his stolen bicycle after it featured in a Pocklington Post article.

Last week’s feature detailed how Jenny and Tom Storey found the BMX bike wedged in a bush on Kilnwick Road and handed it to the police, only to have it returned to them when nobody claimed it after a fortnight.

They were keen to find its rightful owner and thanks to the article, seven-year-old Wesley Brook of Millington has now been reunited with his beloved bike which had been bought for him with money given to mark his Christening.

Mum Georgina was delighted and said: “My friend rang me and said ‘I’ve just seen your Wesley’s bike in the Pocklington Post’, and I thought she meant she’d seen it up for sale or something because it had been stolen a while ago.

“Then I saw the piece and contacted the Storeys and sure enough it was Wesley’s bike.

“We are so happy about it because we really thought we’d never see it again.”

Georgina explained that the BMX style bike was bought specially for Wesley because he wanted to learn how to do tricks and stunts on it.

But, two months ago, he left it in the front garden of his Millington home and, in Georgina’s words, the bike ‘just disappeared’.

She said: “We searched everywhere for it, Wesley cried so much. It was horrible.

“He’d been playing out and didn’t even think about leaving the bike in the garden. It’s quiet round here and you don’t really expect that things are going to be stolen from you.

“We didn’t really think about calling the police, we just thought it had gone and that we’d never see it again, but we’re so grateful to the Storeys. It’s nice to know that there are some decent people left out there.”